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Das Odessa-Massaker – inzwischen tabu für deutsche Medien. Wer über Hintergründe berichtet. Welche deutschen Politiker die Verbrechen der Neonazis und Faschisten von Odessa nicht verurteilen.

Odessa tragedy survivor: ‘Many people strangled after escaping the fire’

Published time: May 07, 2014 10:28
Edited time: May 07, 2014 11:00

Radicals set the building with innocent people inside on fire in Odessa, then strangled the survivors and finished them with bats, while police did nothing to prevent the bloodshed. That’s the scary picture a survivor of the massacre told RT.

“First of all, nobody expected such cruelty, and secondly, it was too late to escape,” Tatyana Ivananko told RT’s correspondent Alexey Yaroshevsky about the Odessa tragedy on May 2, after which at least 46 people died in flames, when radicals set ablaze the local House of Trade Unions with anti-government protesters trapped inside.

According to the witness, pro-autonomy activists wanted to hide from the radicals by barricading themselves in the building.

“On our way up the stairs, we were taking plywood sheets inside so that we could block the doors and prevent them from getting into the building,” she says.

Tatyana Ivananko, Odessa massacre survivor (Still from RT video)

Tatyana Ivananko, Odessa massacre survivor (Still from RT video)

However, the crowd of pro-government supporters who were trying to enter the building was quickly becoming bigger.

“They were coming from everywhere,” she added.

According to Tatyana, the radicals started hurling Molotov cocktails, after which the first and the third floors of the House of Trade Unions burst into flames.

Tatyana also recalled that the outraged crowd outside was shouting that they wouldn’t let anybody out.

“They were also throwing firecrackers, so people in the halls were sitting on the floor, blinded.” She added,“At that moment you realize there is no way to help these people so you’d better rescue yourself.”

Public services such as police and fire brigade were not rushing to rescue the injured people.

“The police were idle not doing anything,” she recalls. “When firefighters arrived it was too late – too many people had already died, even though the closest fire station is 700 meters away from the site.”

According to the numerous videos released in the Internet, many victims of the Odessa massacre received bullet wounds. On some of the videos a man in a bulletproof vest who introduces himself as sotnik Mykola (“sotnik” is what Maidan group leaders in Kiev call themselves) is shooting several times in the direction of the burning House of Trade Unions.

“Have a look at the video,” says Tatyana, pointing to the footage where Micola is pictured. “This armed man in a vest is carrying a gun.”



People wait to be rescued on upper storeys at the trade union building in Odessa May 2, 2014. (Reuters / Yevgeny Volokin)

People wait to be rescued on upper storeys at the trade union building in Odessa May 2, 2014. (Reuters / Yevgeny Volokin)

According to her, the shooting started in Grecheskaya Street, in the north of the city.

Tatyana said that after the pro-government activists managed to enter the burning building, “many people were strangled. I didn’t know how they [pro-government activists] were able to get through the fire but they did,” she added.

She recalled that the radicals “finished off some of the people who managed to escape, and threw from the windows those who didn’t, to kill them on the ground.”

“17-year-old hooligans were finishing people with bats,” she added.

Meanwhile, the next day after the clashes, Ukraine’s Vice President, Vitaly Yarema, said that some of those who were killed in the Trade Union building were foreign nationals.

However, Tatyana denied this information saying that all the people who were killed on May 2 came from Odessa.

“They all loved their city deeply. We stood shoulder to shoulder from the very first day,” she said. “A regional council deputy, Vyacheslav Markin, is also known to have been killed in the flames.”

She also commented on the reports from mostly western outlets, which claim that some of those killed were “mercenaries from Russia.”

“If we had indeed been mercenaries, there would have been fewer victims, and not on our side,” adding that the only thing they received from Russia was “moral support.”

Mourners grieve at the coffin of Vyacheslav Markin, a regional parliament deputy who died in a fire at the trade union building on Friday, at his funeral in Odessa May 5, 2014. (Reuters / Gleb Garanich)

Mourners grieve at the coffin of Vyacheslav Markin, a regional parliament deputy who died in a fire at the trade union building on Friday, at his funeral in Odessa May 5, 2014. (Reuters / Gleb Garanich)

Those who died in the ablaze “were innocent civilians who wanted to live a normal life rather than just ‘survive’ – as is now the case in Ukraine,” Tatyana said, adding that the Kiev coup-appointed authorities are to blame for these crimes.

“The guilty party is the current government, which clearly seeks to divide Ukraine,” she added.

Numerous videos have been released on the Internet in which a woman’s voice is heard from the House of Trade Unions screaming for help and the pro-government activists in the crowd surrounding the building say, “that’s not a woman, she’s a separatist!” and “beat the s**t out of her, so that she finally shuts up!”

„Yeah, women sit at home with their children and this one’s an animal!“ added another.

According to the acting Prosecutor General Oleg Makhnitsky, it is too early to say what exactly caused the blaze but the investigation is looking into several theories. The cause of the fire could be both Molotov cocktails thrown by the anti-government protesters and the blaze made by pro-Kiev activists, he said. Ukraine will invite independent experts mostly from the US to investigate the case, added Makhnitsky.

On Wednesday, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said that what took place in Odessa on May 2 is „typical fascism“ and Russia „will pursue the truth,“ adding that Moscow will not permit Odessa’s events to be„swept under the carpet.“

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How the corporate media whitewashes Ukraine

Eric Draitser is an independent geopolitical analyst based in New York City and the founder ofStopImperialism.com.

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Published time: May 06, 2014 10:12

Anti-goverment activists and supporters of the Kiev government clash in the streets of Odessa May 2, 2014 (Reuters / Yevgeny Volokin)

Anti-goverment activists and supporters of the Kiev government clash in the streets of Odessa May 2, 2014 (Reuters / Yevgeny Volokin)

Cities in eastern and southern Ukraine have become battlefields as the junta in Kiev has unleashed military and paramilitary thugs on the people of those regions.

At the same time the media, with its critical role in shaping public opinion, has also become one of the principal theaters in this ongoing conflict, with Western propaganda being one of the most potent weapons.

Seventy-three years ago this October, the infamous “Odessa Massacre” of 1941, which killed more than 30,000 Jews in the Ukrainian port city and surrounding areas, was carried out by Romanian fascist troops in collaboration with their Nazi patrons and allies. The pogrom, merely one of many against Jews and other minorities in Ukraine, is a stark historical reminder to the people of Odessa (and all those throughout the former Soviet Union who fought against fascism during the war) of the depravity, inhumanity, and barbarism of Nazis and their collaborators.

And now, 73 years later, Odessa is the scene of yet another horrific war crime carried out by fascists against innocent civilians. The fire and massacre at the Trade Unions building which killed dozens of anti-fascist activists and employees in the building, will serve as a painful testimony to the ongoing struggle against the junta in Kiev and its neo-Nazi paramilitary foot soldiers. This obvious war crime, along with a number of others committed by the Right Sector and other ultra-nationalist (read fascist) militias, should undoubtedly be the issue making headlines around the world.

And yet, it seems that somehow the slaughter of innocents, and the issue of criminal accountability for those who ordered and carried out the massacre, has been completely and systematically distorted and/or omitted from the Western narrative. Instead, the corporate media has deliberately attempted to obscure the true nature of the events of that day, and those leading up to and subsequent to it, in order to dilute the impact of the self-evident, and quite damning, criminality of the fascist militias and their leaders and patrons. By using subtle, coded language that deliberately minimizes the barbarism of the events and shifts blame from Kiev to Moscow, the mainstream Western media once again acts as the dutiful servant of the US-EU ruling establishment.

Protesters look at a fire in the trade union building in Odessa May 2, 2014. (Reuters/Yevgeny Volokin)

Protesters look at a fire in the trade union building in Odessa May 2, 2014. (Reuters/Yevgeny Volokin)

What they are saying (and not saying)

In examining the way in which the events in Odessa, and those that have taken place in other regions since May 1, have been portrayed, a few common features emerge. First and foremost is the language used to describe the anti-fascist demonstrators who made up the majority of the victims in Odessa. In a woefully dishonest and biased article published by Reuters entitled “Ukraine moving police special forces to control Odessa,” the authors utilize critical terminology such as “pro-Russian separatists” and“militants,” in fact using them interchangeably as a means of “branding” the activists as something other than peaceful Ukrainians demonstrating for their rights.

Naturally, the phrase “pro-Russian separatists” is entirely misleading on a number of levels. First, the anti-fascist, anti-junta activists (as they should rightly be labeled) are not separatists in the true sense of the word. They do not seek secession outright, but have been demonstrating for weeks in favor of a federalized Ukraine where the rights of Russian-speakers and other minorities would be respected and constitutionally guaranteed. They were demanding that their long-standing historical, familial, and economic ties with Russia not be severed by force of an illegal government in Kiev and its paramilitary shock troops. Far from being “separatists” these activists, scores of whom have already been killed, injured, and/or taken prisoner, have been standing up for a just and peaceful Ukraine instead of the ochlocracy brought about by the junta.

It is equally important to note the use of the word “militants” to describe the anti-junta activists. The implication of using such a designation has to do with assigning guilt to the serious crimes that have been committed. Essentially, by referring to the victims of the crimes as “militants,” this justifies the actions taken by Right Sector and other fascists by portraying them as necessary and just in the fight against the “pro-Russian militants.” Moreover, designating the activists as militants is an attempt to insulate the illegal government in Kiev from the obvious war crimes charges that they would face were the propaganda mouthpieces in the media actually reporting the story factually. And so, by using such terminology, the media is, in effect, providing political cover to a criminal regime backed by the West. This is certainly par for the course.

The same Reuters article focuses broadly on the move by the junta’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov to create a new “special forces unit” to replace the Odessa police which, according to Avakov, committed an “outrageous” failure by releasing dozens of survivors who had been taken into custody and held as prisoners without receiving proper medical care. The article discusses Avakov’s statement about the creation of “Kiev-1,” a special unit made up of “’civil activists’ who wanted to help the Black Sea city “in these difficult days.’”

A protester walks past a burning tent camp and a fire in the trade union building in Odessa May 2, 2014. (Reuters/Yevgeny Volokin)

A protester walks past a burning tent camp and a fire in the trade union building in Odessa May 2, 2014. (Reuters/Yevgeny Volokin)

Naturally, there is no direct mention of exactly who will be part of this new special force, other than a passing reference to the fact that “The units Avakov referred to emerged partly from the uprising against Yanukovich early this year.” This is unmistakably a veiled reference to Right Sector and other fascist paramilitary forces which, in contrast to regular police and Ukrainian military, can be counted on by Kiev to carry out war crimes and other atrocities against anyone they perceive as “Moskals” (a derogatory term for Russians and Russian-speakers).

Another critical feature of the article which serves the propaganda agenda of the West is the description of the events that led the Odessa police to release dozens of the survivors-turned-prisoners. The authors of the article describe the peaceful demonstration that surrounded the police headquarters demanding the release of their friends and family utterly dishonestly. The article states,“Kiev’s anger on Monday focused on the Odessa police decision to release 67 largely pro-Russian militants after supporters besieged and stormed a police station [emphasis added] on Sunday.”

By describing the peaceful protest as “besieging and storming,” the reader is given the impression that the “separatists” (also referred to as “terrorists” and “rebels” by the criminal regime in Kiev and its patrons in the West) are the true initiators of violence and conflict. Naturally, though the opposite is true, the seed is planted in the public consciousness. Thus the activists are branded, like a common consumer product or a public relations campaign.

And so, the Reuters article successfully obscures the nature of the new force, its actual role, the crimes committed on the ground, and the nature of the opposition. By doing so Reuters, like the New York Times and its corporate media brethren, successfully spreads misinformation and disinformation in the service of the US-EU-NATO imperial system.

In fact, the aforementioned New York Times, refusing to be outdone, published its own highly biased and propagandistic article on the events in Odessa and throughout the East and South. Entitled“Ukraine’s Reins Weaken as Chaos Spreads,” the article presents Kiev, and specifically the junta’s Prime Minister Yatsenyuk (handpicked by the West), as victims of Russian treachery, portraying him as a victim of Russian aggression and provocation. After quoting Yatsenyuk’s inflammatory, distortion-filled statement in which he blamed the victims in Odessa, referring to the events as “resulting from a well-prepared and organized action against people, against Ukraine, and against Odessa,” the Times reporter then went on parrot Kiev and Washington’s talking points on the subject.

People gather in front of Ukrainian Interior Ministry security forces members who formed a cordon outside a city police department in the Black Sea port of Odessa May 4, 2014. (Reuters/Gleb Garanich)

People gather in front of Ukrainian Interior Ministry security forces members who formed a cordon outside a city police department in the Black Sea port of Odessa May 4, 2014. (Reuters/Gleb Garanich)

The articles states that “Mr. Yatsenyuk said the violence showed that Russia wanted to rekindle unrest in Odessa, as it had in eastern Ukrainian cities.” Immediately following this statement, which is the product of hearsay rather than substantiated evidence, the article proceeds to discuss Russian “imperial ambitions” as evidenced by Crimea and Putin’s alleged desire to reestablish Russian dominion over“Novorossiya” (New Russia). This is a standard tactic of misinformation and propaganda: create an association in the mind of the reader such that an abstract relationship (Protesters=Russian militants=Putin=Russian imperialism) becomes the rubric by which all developments are measured and understood.

Finally, the Times article also attempts to suppress the reality of both Odessa and the eastern region of Donetsk, which has been the center of much anti-fascist, anti-junta organizing, including the declaration of the People’s Republic of Donetsk. The reporter writes, “The violence on Friday and the freeing of prisoners on Sunday highlighted a distinction between Odessa and the east: In both places, the police have sided with rebels. But here, local pro-Kiev activists routinely field street fighters ready to confront the Novorossiya group, with lethal consequences on Friday.” Essentially, the purpose of this sentence is four-fold.

First, it is to substantiate the claim made by Yatsenyuk that police forces are “criminal” because they refuse to take part in the suppression and violence directed towards their brothers and sisters, cousins and neighbors, completely glossing over the fact that this unmistakably indicates that the majority of people want nothing to do with the so-called “anti-terror” operation being conducted by Kiev’s forces.

Second, the excerpt shows how deceptively the corporate media is handling the issue of public opinion. The author completely glosses over, with no explanation, the fact that in each city in the South and East, the police and many military units have sided with the protesters, rather than carry out their criminal orders from Kiev. An objective story would highlight this fact in demonstrating that the junta in Kiev does not rule with the consent of the people and that it, in fact, is a minority ruling through violence, intimidation, and Western backing. In burying this important aspect of the story, the author and his editors have engaged in utterly transparent propagandizing of the issue in the service of the West.

A woman lays flowers by the fence of the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow on May 3, 2014, in honor of people killed during clashes in Odessa. (AFP Photo)

A woman lays flowers by the fence of the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow on May 3, 2014, in honor of people killed during clashes in Odessa. (AFP Photo)

Third, the excerpt illustrates the precariousness of presenting Washington’s PR-friendly version of facts. By using the phrase “local pro-Kiev activists,” the article completely whitewashes the true nature of the forces that committed the atrocity. Far from being “activists,” the so called “pro-Kiev” forces were actually Nazi paramilitary groups including Right Sector which not only likely set the initial blaze, but was also documented on video as beating the survivors with chains and clubs, denying them emergency medical care, and more. But, by describing these criminals as activists, the Times does yeoman’s work for Washington and Kiev, establishing a biased framework within which readers would perceive the conflict.

Finally, the way in which the article designates the groups as “Kiev activists” versus the “Novorossiya group” is a transparent propaganda ploy designed to, once again, create a false dichotomy in the minds of ill-informed readers. The fascist mobs are merely “activists,” while the anti-Kiev protesters are the “Novorossiya group,” meaning they are not Ukrainians with their own agency, but are agents of Russian imperialism. The author purposely denies the agency of these protesters in order to both legitimize the criminal actions of the fascists, and de-legitimize the peaceful protests of the anti-fascist opposition. Dishonesty might not be a strong enough word to describe such underhanded journalistic tactics.

The grisly events in Odessa, as well as the deadly assaults on Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and other eastern cities, undoubtedly mark a turning point in the conflict in Ukraine. More than merely an important moment, these criminal actions represent a “point of no return,” the moment at which any hopes for a peaceful and bloodless resolution to the crisis were dashed. Despite the droning propaganda emanating from Western corporate media, the world cannot and should not excuse these horrific war crimes. More to the point, they should serve as a reminder that the struggle for Ukraine has a price, one which could have been denominated in dollars, euros and rubles. But now, thanks to Kiev, Brussels, and Washington, the price will be paid in blood.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Ukrainekrise und Manipulationsmethoden 2014:


Das Odessa-Massaker – Der Spiegel wagt sich vorsichtig an unbequeme Details, die andere deutsche Medien weiter verschweigen. Offenkundig viel höhere Opferzahlen, Morde und Vergewaltigung im brennenden Gebäude. **



…Als die ersten Flammen aus dem Gebäude schlagen, herrscht auf dem Platz davor Pogrom-Stimmung…Er hat im Internet von russischen Spekulationen gelesen, viele der Opfer im Gewerkschaftshaus seien nicht durch das Feuer getötet, sondern vorher erschossen worden…Maxim war nicht im Gebäude nach dem Brand. Er wollte sich die Alpträume ersparen, aber er mag die Theorie aus Moskau auch nicht ausschließen… Maxim erzählt, wie proukrainische Aktivisten durch einen Nebeneingang in das Gebäude stürmten, vor dem Ausbruch des Feuers. Mindestens einer trug schwarz-rote Abzeichen der Nationalistenorganisation “Rechter Sektor”, so erzählt es Maxim. Aber nach fünf oder sechs Minuten sei die Truppe zurückgekommen, offenbar zurückgeschlagen von den Verteidigern…    Aber er kann sich keinen Reim auf die Geschehnisse machen. Was haben die roten Bänder an den Armen der Polizei zu bedeuten? Er habe das Gefühl, Teil “einer Intrige geworden zu seine, eines zynischen Spiels undurchsichtiger Kräfte”, sagt Maxim…


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Brauner Bluff – Der Spiegel:  http://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/print/d-81015408.html

Die Bundestagswahl steht bevor, und der Redner, ein kleingewachsener, schneidiger ehemaliger Oberleutnant, wirbt um Hitlers einstige Elitetruppe. Als alter Kriegskamerad müsse er sagen, dass er “immer das Gefühl besonderer Zuversicht” gehabt habe, wenn die Waffen-SS neben ihm kämpfte. Leider würden deren Angehörige oft mit denen der Gestapo verwechselt und zu Unrecht angeklagt, berichtet später erfreut eine Zeitschrift der Waffen-SS-Veteranen über die Veranstaltung…

O-Ton Giovanni di Lorenzo: Haben Sie die Menschen, die Sie getötet haben, auch gesehen?

O-Ton Helmut Schmidt: Nein.

Deutschlandradio Kultur – Helmut Schmidt im Angriffskrieg gegen Bewohner eines anderen Landes:

 Meyer: Herr Orlac, Giovanni di Lorenzo, der Chefredakteur der “Zeit”, der hat zwei lange Interviews mit Helmut Schmidt geführt für diesen Film, und an einer Stelle fragt er ihn nach dem Töten im Krieg. Wir hören uns die Stelle mal an!

O-Ton Giovanni di Lorenzo: Wenn ich Sie richtig verstanden habe, sagen Sie auch, Sie selbst haben getötet während des Krieges?

O-Ton Helmut Schmidt: Das ist wahr.

O-Ton Giovanni di Lorenzo: Haben Sie die Menschen, die Sie getötet haben, auch gesehen?

O-Ton Helmut Schmidt: Nein.

O-Ton Giovanni di lorenzo: Das heißt, Sie haben Flugzeuge abgeschossen?

O-Ton Helmut Schmidt: Flugzeuge abgeschossen, Dörfer in Brand geschossen. Man hat den Feind selber kaum gesehen, man hat ihn nur geahnt.

Meyer: Herr Orlac, was ist denn Ihr Eindruck, wie sehr beschäftigt das Helmut Schmidt, dass er da als Batteriechef der Wehrmacht im Krieg getötet hat, auch die Frauen und Kinder in den Dörfern, die er beschossen hat?

Orlac: Also, ich denke fraglos, dass ihn das sein Leben lang beschäftigt hat. Er gehört ja auch zu der Generation, für die der Krieg immer das prägendste Erlebnis ist, zumal es ja auch ein Jugenderlebnis auch ist. Und man merkt aber auch hier … – das Ungewöhnliche ist, er hat selten darüber gesprochen. Und wenn er jetzt darüber spricht, wechselt er auch ganz schnell ins “man”, was natürlich auch eine Schutzhaltung ist, und sagt “ich war mir nicht bewusst”, sondern “man war sich nicht bewusst, was da passiert”.

Die Unterstützung nazistisch-antisemitischer Kräfte durch hochrangige mitteleuropäische Politiker hat lange Tradition – die Beziehungen von Willy Brandt und Helmut Schmidt – offizielle Symbole des Anschlusses von 1990 –  zur nazistisch-antisemitisch orientierten Folterdiktatur Brasiliens. Ähnliche systematische Mediensteuerung wie derzeit im Fall der Ukraine-Krise – deutsche Medien verschweigen fast durchweg die wichtige Rolle hochrangiger Bonner Politiker beim Unterstützen, politischen Aufwerten der nazistisch-antisemitisch orientierten Folterdiktatur Brasiliens.

Willy Brandt:  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2013/11/19/brasiliens-folter-diktatur1964-1985-mit-wem-bundesausenminister-willy-brandt-damals-bilaterale-vertrage-unterzeichnet-das-massaker-an-stahlarbeitern-unter-gouverneur-jose-magalhaes-pinto/

“Du hättest alle Juden töten sollen”:  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2012/03/21/brasiliens-nazistisch-antisemitische-militardiktatur-hohe-militars-zu-herbert-cukurs-massenmorder-von-rigadu-hast-einen-einzigen-fehler-begangen-du-hattest-alle-juden-toten-sollen-hintergrun/

SS-Division Galizien:  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/02/20/ukraine-2014-die-ss-galizien-von-rechtsextremen-demonstranten-wieder-gefeiert-strasenaufmarsche-in-ss-uniform/

 SS-Methoden 2014: 

How the thugs killed Odessa inhabitants in the Trade Unions House – the details of bloody scenario

 (includes English version).Note: the English version has been corrected, thanks to skydiggerpanchul???? ???????? ,Note: Great tragedy happened to the port city of Odessa at Friday, May 2nd, 2014. Supporters of federalism were chased to the Trade Unions House by Right Sector mob. The building caught fire soon afterwards, which resulted (by official reports) in 42 deaths.Originally posted by frallik at ??? ??????? ????????? ? ???? ?????????? – ?????? ????????… +18It’s clear that the number of casualties in the Trade Unions House is far greater. Provocateurs captivated people into the building where it was possible to kill them with impunity, with great relish, and without witnesses. Fire inside the building was directed in order to hide mass murdering of Ukrainian citizens.BmpRfPSCYAEOLMN
Firstly, the tents on the square were set on fire which resulted in appearance of large open fire areas close to the building. People were captivated to hide behind massive doors of the Trade Unions House. Federalism supporters had no Molotov’s cocktails prepared in advance. From where has fire inside the building appeared?
People behind the doors of the ground floor have been attacked by the Right Sector thugs who got in there long before the execution has begun. Those people were burned to the bones, first at main entrance…0_8e26a_ffcee15_XL
……Then at rest of them.144295_original
…Firefighters only appeared when massive entrance doors were burned through.144114_original
Only in a single room in a five-storey building with ceilings over 3 meters high had fire visible from outside.138801_original
Who could get onto the roof of the administrative building of nationwide significance? Perhaps those who in advance got the keys to locked steel gratings protecting the roof doors.13880a
These thugs must be found. They could tell a lot about when the murdering plan implementation has started, and how in advance they brought supplies for Molotov’s cocktails to the Trade Unions House.On the picture below stunt clowns play a role of federalism supporters. Typical Hollywood (USA/Israel)-style false flag action.45798_1000 (1)
Charred bodies on the ground floor, near the entrance doors.131
Why charred bodies appeared on higher floors where there was no open fire?102
The same bodies from other viewpoint:
– Wooden battery panel, wooden railings on the stairs and chipboard sheet don’t look burnt;
– Blue oval points to the barricade made of tables, chairs and cabinets. It hadn’t even touched by fire, unlike the charred bodies lying nearby;
– From where has the barricade appeared? It was built by the Right Sector thugs in order to lock people trying to save themselves on the above floors.133
-Female corpse was dragged across the floor space from the real place of her death. Who and why did it?133a
This man was shot in the head. Judging from clearly visible blood puddle, the murderer fired at point-blank so the bullet passed through the skull.

Have you noticed already that some dead people had burnt heads and shoulders only? That clothing under chest is not affected by fire? Somebody poured flammable stuff onto upper body of those people and set them ablaze. Could sunglasses stay on the face when a man tries to shake the napalm off his head? Notice that hands and wrists of those people burned to the bones, too.

On this and previous pictures, a strange “whitewash” can be seen on the floor. That is the powder from extinguishers used by the punishers after people died…in order not to burn themselves or suffer from carbon monoxide.

103 (2)
Young man and young woman. They have neither burned nor suffocated – there are no signs of an open fire on the hardwood floor (it seems to be made 50 years ago so it should have catch fire as a straw) and soot from the smoke on the walls. They were killed by other means. Most likely, somebody broke their necks – “professionals” entertained themselves here.

Barricades were on the other floors as well. Blood on the floor. Burnt head.

The red arrow: it’s possible that the killers were “borrowing” their clothing with victims. Well known stuff, simple and effective.

Note: according to one of the main versions of what happened on May 2 in Odessa, the Right Sector thugs performed a false flag operation. They put St. George’s Ribbons (symbols of anti-Maidan federalism supporters) and organized violent provocation against Maidan supporters (i.e. against their own allies), in order to later blame federalism supporters and make them look responsible for death of many people.

Dead woman near the elevator with clothes absent below her waist. Most likely, she was raped, then doused with a flammable mixture and set aflame.


People shot in the head.

The same picture again: burnt heads, hands and shoulders, lower body untouched by fire.


Man with multiple headshots.

The scariest picture. Most likely it is a pregnant woman, who was one of the employees working on holidays, cleaning offices and watering flowers. She was strangled by an electric wire. She tried to resist – one can see discarded flower on the floor.

The following video recorded how this woman cried and called for help while being murdered (”HELP ME! HELP ME!” cries start at 0:20).

…probably, that’s her killer.

The sign of above demotivator that points on victim, murderer and the crime scene reads: “We offed Mommy! Glory to Ukraine!”. This demotivator has been joyfully posted by one of the Ukrainian “patriots”.

Note: “Mommy Odessa” is an affectionate nickname for Odessa, similar to “Big Apple” for New York, or “Emerald City” for Seattle.

Future mother (strangled woman) and Mommy Odessa are killed. As the whole Ukraine.

On the following video, an eyewitness says about more than one hundred victims killed inside the Trade Unions House (in Russian).


p.s.http://vlad-dolohov.livejournal.com/ 876486.html

P.S. The number of killed people can be as high as 300. Most of people, especially children and women, were hashed with axes and clubbed to death with wooden sticks in the basement of the Trade Unions House: http://vlad-dolohov.livejournal.com/ 876486.html

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Ukraine 2014: “Members of two Donetsk coal mines have gone on strike”. “Der Medien-Gau von Odessa”.

dienstag, 06. mai 2014 von klaus hart   **

Tuesday, May 6

00:23 GMT:

Members of two Donetsk coal mines have gone on strike, assembling in the center of the city to protest against the authorities in Kiev, Itar-tass reports.

South Donbass No. 1 and No. 3 mines in the city of Ugledar, Donetsk region have partially seized production and are now demanding that Kiev’s military units end assaults on people in the east of the country.

Some miners have expressed their desire to join the self-defense squads to help protect Ukraine’s industrial region. Others are volunteering to help organize this week’s referendum.


Das Odessa-Massaker – vieles noch ungeklärt:  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/05/05/das-odessa-massaker-2014-eine-website-stellt-viele-unbequeme-fragen/

Auf zahlreichen Videos vom Tag des Odessa-Massakers ist zu sehen, wie Kampfformationen des “Rechten Sektors” in der typischen, vom Maidan bekannten Kleidung, mit nazistischen Wolfsangel-Armbinden, die Attacken in der Stadt führen. 


Ausriß. Kämpfer des “Rechten Sektors”, mit der gelben Wolfsangel-Armbinde, direkt vor brennendem Gebäude von Odessa. Stands in Ihrem Lieblingsmedium?

CIA offenbar auch in Odessa dabei: http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/05/05/ukraine-2014-cia-einmischung-bei-konflikt-sowie-cia-stutzung-der-faschistischen-putschregierung-kiews-erstmals-offen-eingeraumt-unterstutzung-bekommt-die-ukrainische-ubergangsregierung-einem-zeit/

Wen die Regierung in Berlin unterstützt:

Ausriß,  Svoboda-Führer Tjagnibok – Mitglied der Kiewer Putschregierung, vom Westen gemäß den Wertvorstellungen der Spitzenpolitiker entsprechend hofiert.


Simon-Wiesenthal-Zentrum prangert antisemitische Svoboda-Partei der Ukraine an.

Steinmeier:  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/02/20/ukraine-2014-ausenminister-steinmeier-laurent-und-sikorski-trafen-in-kiew-auch-den-chef-der-antisemitischen-partei-svoboda-oleg-tiagnibok-uber-eventuelle-distanzierungen-der-minister-ist-nichts-be/

Ungehinderte SS-Verherrlichung 2014 in der Ukraine – keinerlei Proteste etwa aus Berlin:  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/04/28/ukraine-2014-der-neonazi-aufmarsch-der-ss-verherrlicher-video-anklicken-kurios-deutsche-medien-deutsche-tv-teams-erneut-nicht-vor-ort-wie-bei-vielen-derartigen-aufmarschen-zuvor/

Wertvorstellungen – Angela Merkel und Freundin Timoschenko(”Russen abschlachten”):  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/03/27/weiter-warten-auf-merkel-positionierung-zu-ihrer-freundin-timoschenko-bisher-nur-2-satze-armselig-oberflachliche-alibi-kritik-von-regierungssprecher-%E2%80%9Egewaltbilder-gewaltphantasien-liegen-we/

Wertvorstellungen – Angela Merkel – Zeitdokument, der Irakkrieg:   http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/04/16/ukraine-2014-und-nato-mobilmachung-an-ruslands-grenze-zeitdokument-merkel-verteidigt-irak-kriegfaz-rd15-millionen-kriegstote/

Ukrainekrise und Manipulationsmethoden 2014:



Ausriß. In Odessa feuern Nazis, wie auf Videos ausführlich zu sehen ist,  sogar tagsüber mit Pistolen auf Wahlwerbung von regimekritischen Kandidaten – deutsche Medien berichten darüber nicht. Wie würde die deutsche Öffentlichkeit auf eine solche Szene im deutschen Wahlkampf reagieren?

Medienkundlich Interessierte können derzeit ohne Schwierigkeiten eine Checkliste erstellen und mit ihrer Hilfe schon  allmorgendlich beim Studieren der Tagespresse, dem Hören/Sehen bestimmter Programme rasch feststellen, wie und mit welchen Methoden deutsche Medien,  mitteleuropäische Politiker in Bezug auf die Ukraine lügen, Halbwahrheiten verbreiten,  plumpen ideologischen Leitlinien folgen(müssen). Die klassische Manipulationsmethode der Personalisierung von Politik wird in Bezug auf Putin reichlich angewendet. Mittels einer Check-Liste ist zudem einfach festzustellen, mit welchen Methoden derzeit sogenannte Experten die Öffentlichkeit über die Ukraine-Situation hinters Licht zu führen versuchen. Tip: Traut sich der sogenannte Experte zu vergleichen, erinnert er an die Lügenvorwände der völkerrechtswidrigen Irak-Aggression, des Vietnamkriegs etc., nennt er die Namen der Schuldigen, die immer noch nicht von internationalen Gerichten abgeurteilt wurden?

Nach Branddesaster von Odessa: Lawrow ruft Europarat auf, Nationalisten zu stoppen

20:47 06/05/2014

WIEN, 06. Mai (RIA Novosti).

Das jüngste Massaker in der ukrainischen Schwarzmeerstadt Odessa führt nach Worten von Russlands Außenminister Sergej Lawrow ein weiteres Mal die Notwendigkeit vor Augen, die Verherrlichung der Nazis und ihrer Handlanger nicht zuzulassen. „Ich rufe den Europarat auf, den Umtrieben der Ultranationalisten ein Ende zu setzen“, erklärte Lawrow am Dienstag in Wien.

„Jene, die die Ideologie des Faschismus begünstigen, können nicht rechtfertigt werden, selbst wenn es sich um Politiker handelt, die westliche Demokratien unter ihre Fittiche genommen haben“, sagte der russische Chefdiplomat in einer Tagung des Ministerkomitees des Europarates. Er forderte die 47 Mitgliedsländer des Europarates auf, auf doppelte Standards zu verzichten, und erinnerte daran, dass Russland und einige andere Länder angesichts der Versuche, die „braune Pest“ zu reanimieren, seit langem Alarm schlagen.

„Jedes Jahr bringt eine große Gruppe von Autoren in der UN-Vollversammlung eine Resolution mit dem Appell ein, die Heroisierung der Nazisten und ihrer Handlanger nicht zuzulassen. Aber die meisten westlichen Partner weigern sich, diesen Appell zu unterstützen, und begründen ihre Position mit der Notwendigkeit, die Redefreiheit zu achten. „Unter selbem Vorwand werden ähnliche Beschlüsse auch auf der Ebene der Organisation für Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa (OSZE) blockiert“, kritisierte Lawrow.


Odessa tragedy ‘fascism in action’ – Lavrov

Published time: May 07, 2014 06:32
Edited time: May 07, 2014 08:10

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People wait to be rescued on upper storeys at the trade union building in Odessa May 2, 2014. (Reuters / Yevgeny Volokin)

People wait to be rescued on upper storeys at the trade union building in Odessa May 2, 2014. (Reuters / Yevgeny Volokin)




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Ukraine turmoil



What took place in Odessa on May 2 is „typical fascism“ and „we will pursue the truth“, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said at a ceremony commemorating the fallen heroes of WWII at the Ministry on Wednesday.

Russia will not permit last Friday’s events to be „swept under the rug“, the foreign minister continued. In his view, all witness accounts point to how the scale of the tragedy has been greatly under-reported.

Lavrov went on to say that the upcoming Victory Day is a good occasion for Russians not only to remember their past, but to not forget that the country has a „duty not to allow fascism to spread throughout Europe and the world at large“.

The Russian FM spoke about how, for some time now, Europe has been very selective in its judgment of such ideologies, sometimes simply „ignoring“ telltale signs, some of which have included all-out marches commemorating the fighters of the SS.

After violent clashes between radical pro-Kiev activists and people wearing St. George ribbons commonly used by Ukrainian anti-government protesters, the radicals raided a nearby protester tent camp.

The camp was then allegedly torched and people residing there sought protection from their opponents in the local House of Trade Unions.

The radicals pelted the building with Molotov cocktails, starting a massive fire.

At least 46 people died inside as they suffocated from smoke or fell to their deaths trying to escape the blaze. Some of the survivors were beaten by the crowd of radicals surrounding the building.

Despite evidence of the apparent massacre, Western mainstream media coverage was ambiguous and often failed to mention facts incriminating the pro-Kiev forces.

Last Friday’s events could be classed as „an act of terrorism“, Ukraine’s presidential candidate, MP Petr Poroshenko believes, after hearing evidence at a closed meeting of the Rada, which seems to suggest that some sort of poisonous substance was being used against the people barricaded inside the House of Trade Unions.

Another opinion regarding how the situation transpired was voiced by Ukraine’s general prosecutor, Oleg Mahnitsky. He believes that the blaze could have been caused by either side; either Molotov cocktails thrown by the anti-Maidan group, or the pro-Kiev supporters setting the building on fire.

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