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TV-Wahlwerbung für Nationalkongreßkandidatinnen in Brasilien.








PT-Senator Suplicy und Mulher Pera: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocR_7Ycblrs


THERE IS NO EMOTION IN THE STATEFrei Betto*Election time is a frantic time. Reason tends to go on holiday and sensibility is skin deep. Within the family and at work, in the club or in the church, everyone voices an opinion regarding political coalitions and candidates.The tone varies from swear words to disqualifying the candidate’s genealogy to uncritical veneration by those who judge him or her to be perfect. Language spreads for seven leagues in the defaming and praise of politicians. Husbands fight with wives, fathers with sons, friends with friends, each convinced that they are the candidates’ best judges… all appearing to ignore the fact that we live in a relative democracy where a diversity of political forces reigns in spite of the prevailing ideology of the dominating elites.There is a third group who insists on remaining indifferent to the election period in spite of not being able to regarding  candidates who are all considered corrupt, liars, parasites and/or demagogues.Give me strength!The problem is that there is no way out, we all depend on the State which is governed by the party that wins the elections. However, to remain indifferent is like handing a blank cheque, signed and of unlimited value, to those who govern. The government as well as the State, forgive the redundancy, are absolutely indifferent to our indifference and to our individual protestations.It is understandable that there are people who do not like opera, mangoes, flying in a plane, or the colour brown. In politics it is the same. It is impossible to ignore that all aspects of our existence, from our first breath to our last, involves politics.The social class into which each of us was born depends on the country’s political situation at the time. If there were less injustice and more sharing of the goods of the Earth and of the fruits of human labour, nobody would be born into indigence or poverty. As none of us chose the family or the social class into which we were born we are all children of a biological lottery. Our social condition of origin is the result of mere chance. Those who were born into the middle and upper classes should not feel privileged but should consider that they have a social debt towards those who did not have such luck.In Brazil we are ministered to from birth to death. When we are born, our birth certificate goes to the Ministry of Justice. For vaccinations we go to the Ministry of Health, when we start school the Ministry for Education, when looking for work to the Ministry of Labour and to get a driving licence to the Ministry of Cities. When we retire, to the Social Welfare and when we die we return to the Ministry of Justice. And our sustenance, such as salary and food, depends on the Ministries of Finance and Planning while the Central Bank administers the national currency and financial system.Politics are in everything. For better or for worse. I may not know what politics have to do with the bill at the supermarket or the value of school fees. Many do not know that politics are even present in the calendar. Not in determining the seasons of the year; however it does have everything to do with their effects such as flooding, droughts and landslides. Have you noticed that December, the last month in the year, comes from the number ten and November from nine, October from eight and September from seven?In ancient times the year had ten months. Emperor Julius Caesar decided to add a month to honour himself. This is where July comes from. His successor, Augustus, did not want to be left behind so he created August. As the months alternately have 31 or 30 days, Augustus did not agree with his month having less than his predecessor. He made the court astronomers make August equal to July, with 31 days. They complied by removing one day from February thus solving the problem

As from 1st January 2011, Brazil will for better or for worse exist according to the outcome of the October elections. Those who will govern will be elected by each one of our votes. Thanks to the taxes we pay, they will administrate – rightly or wrongly – the billions collected by the taxman, including the salaries of politicians and the costs of their offices and respective perks.

Do as the State does: leave all emotion to one side and use your reason. Public institutions have no life of their own. They are moved by politicians and by persons chosen by them. All civil servants, starting with the president of the Republic, are our employees. They are accountable to us. We have a right to charge, demand and pressure them and the duty to check on how they respond to our expectations.

Convince yourself of this: authority is civil society. Practise it. Do not give your vote to the corrupt nor allow yourself to be duped by election propaganda. Vote for your future. Vote for social justice, for the right to dignity for the poor and for national sovereignty.







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