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„Is there anything uglier than watching democrats sell out other democrats to a Holocaust-denying, vote-stealing Iranian thug just to tweak the U.S. and show that they, too, can play at the big power table?“ New York Times kritisiert Lula. Jüdische Proteste.


Turkey and Brazil are both nascent democracies that have overcome their own histories of military rule. For their leaders to embrace and strengthen an Iranian president who uses his army and police to crush and kill Iranian democrats ” people seeking the same freedom of speech and political choice that Turks and Brazilians now enjoy ” is shameful. ”Lula is a political giant, but morally he has been a deep disappointment, said Moisés Naím, editor in chief of Foreign Policy magazine and a former trade minister in Venezuela.


Jüdische Proteste: http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2010/05/18/brasilien-will-atomwaffen-entwickeln-laut-sicherheitsexperten-israels-brasilien-will-eine-weltmacht-sein/




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