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Ukraine 2014 – die Tabuthemen deutscher Medien: “Foreign mercenaries acting on side of Kiev authorities in Ukraine — Russian General Staff”. Faschistischer Rechter Sektor als “Wahlhelfer” am Sonntag.

Foreign mercenaries acting on side of Kiev authorities in Ukraine — Russian General Staff


May 23, 11:28 UTC+4
According to the General Staff, there are also facts of participation of private military companies in the Ukrainian events


Ukraine’s Right Sector militants reportedly shoot 30 soldiers for laying down arms

MOSCOW, May 23. /ITAR-TASS/. The Russian Armed Forces General Staff stated that tens of foreign mercenaries are acting in Ukraine on the side of the current Kiev authorities, a high-ranking representative of the country’s General Staff who participates in the 3rd Moscow International Security Conference told reporters on Friday.

“According to available data, dozens of foreign mercenaries, including Americans, are taking part in combat actions on the side of Kiev authorities in south-eastern Ukraine,” the General Staff representative said.

Earlier, Russia’s ambassador to the OSCE Andrei Kelin stated at the session of the organization’s permanent council that there were no Russian subversives in Ukraine, however, US mercenaries were coordinating Ukrainian servicemen in the south-east.

The diplomat recalled that at the previous meetings, the Russian side asked the colleagues to confirm there were no employees of American private military enterprises on the territory of Ukraine. “We were assured that they weren’t there. However, today reports appear in western — not Russian — media, in particular, in the famous German newspaper Das Bild, that foreign mercenaries are indeed in Ukraine,” he said.


Russia disappointed with OSCE discussion of journalists’ detention in Ukraine

Ukrainian law enforcers build up forces around Donetsk

Martial law introduced in self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic

Ernennung von Hunter Biden kurz nach Besuch des Vaters bei den Marionetten in Kiew.


Ausriß. Friedensnobelpreisträger Barack Obama, Joe Biden und Hunter Biden – neuer Vorstand der Ukraine-Energie-Holding Burisma. Das US-Ukraine-Engagement wird immer lohnender.

Per Google-Suche hat man rasch heraus, welche deutschen Medien im Ukraine-Kontext bisher verschwiegen, daß sich die USA-Führung weltweit häufig Nazis und Faschisten bediente, um wirtschaftliche Interessen effizient zu verfolgen:  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/04/21/ukraine-2014-und-medientricks-kein-hinweis-auf-enge-zusammenarbeit-der-cia-mit-nazis-und-faschisten-weltweit-2-2/

Turchinov: Kiev ready for final stage of punitive operation in Ukraine’s east

According to the General Staff, there are also facts of participation of private military companies in the Ukrainian events.

The United States and its allies initiated a large part of modern local military conflicts, Chief of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov said at the 3rd Moscow International Security Conference on Friday.

“The US cannot put up with formation of new centers of power,” he said, noting that the US used a broad range of methods, such as sanctions and aid to pro-Western forces. “The military force is becoming a decisive argument,” Gerasimov noted.

Russian Defense Minister General Sergei Shoigu said that attempts to stage a colored revolution are being made in Ukraine. In his words, attempts were earlier taken to fulfil a similar scenario in other CIS states.

Radio interception data

Representatives of people’s militia taking part in Sloviansk defense, have reported May 2 that radio interception data points to participation of foreigners in the punitive operation carried out by the Kiev authorities.

Thus, on different radio frequencies, the militiamen noted that their rivals were talking in English.

Russia demands that the USA carries out an investigation

Earlier, Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov stated that Moscow insists on looking into the reports saying employees of Greystone, a US-based private military company, were involved in the Ukrainian developments, as well as that an American arms depot was found in the republic’s territory.

In addition, the minister mentioned that, according to some reports, “in some incidents, foreigners were also noted”.

“Kiev troops reportedly shoot at deserting conscripts as eastern military op escalates”. Faschistischer Rechter Sektor als “Wahlhelfer” am Sonntag… **


Kiev troops reportedly shoot at deserting conscripts as eastern military op escalates

Published time: May 23, 2014 01:02
Edited time: May 23, 2014 10:23

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The outskirts of the Lisichansk city, Lugansk Region of south-eastern Ukraine on May 22, 2014 (RIA Novosti  / Evgeniy Biyatov)

The outskirts of the Lisichansk city, Lugansk Region of south-eastern Ukraine on May 22, 2014 (RIA Novosti / Evgeniy Biyatov)

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Ukraine turmoil



Kiev forces have killed at least seven militiamen and injured dozens of people, including civilians, in clashes in the Lugansk Region. Some Kiev troop conscripts reportedly tried to desert and flee to the militia, and were shot at by their commander.

Both sides suffered losses during the battle near the village of Rubezhnoye, close to the city of Lisichansk in the Lugansk region. At least seven self-defense members were killed and 16 others injured, according to the militia. A spokesperson for Kiev’s troops reported two fatalities and seven wounded among their ranks.

The shooting followed botched negotiations between forces of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Lugansk and pro-Kiev troops, Ostap Cherniy, a spokesman for the militias, said at a press conference on Thursday night.

“When the Ukrainian military with a column of armored vehicles approached Lisichansk, militias tried to negotiate with them,” Cherniy said. “Shooting erupted during the negotiations.”

He added that local residents, including children, were among those who went to talk to the Kiev loyalists. The civilians were trying to block military vehicles of the National Guard and asking “not to kill them,” he said.

There are claims that at least some of the casualties among Kiev loyalists were not due to the militias. Some 30 of the conscripts wanted to defect, Cherniy said. The militias fed the prisoners and wanted to relocate them, but the other troops opened fire at the entire group, he added.

“After they boarded a bus and drove to the college, the military opened fire at the bus with a heavy machine gun,” said the self-defense force representative.

A militia member told RIA Novosti that it was the commander of the unit which was preparing to desert who opened fire at his own men. The information was confirmed by one of the defectors, who said he and his fellow conscripts decided to defect no to follow an order to fire at the militias and civilians.

“The commander ordered us to open indiscriminate fire,” the soldier said during the same press conference, adding that locals “saved him” from Kiev-controlled soldiers.

A military doctor Gennady Moralishvili said that most of those injured in the clashes are currently in the local hospital and are civilians, not militiamen. He added that the pro-Kiev National Guard set the city’s train station on fire and when fire brigade arrived to put it out, they shot at them too.

Also damaged in the clashes was a local bridge, although it was not immediately clear how it was taken down. Some reports said the militias demolished it to prevent Kiev’s troops from transporting armored vehicles across the river. Others say that the loyalists destroyed it during the clashes.

A local railway was damaged as well, disrupting traffic in the Lugansk Region.

Local residents are evacuated from the village on the outskirts of the Lisichansk city, Lugansk Region of south-eastern Ukraine on May 22, 2014 (RIA Novosti / Evgeniy Biyatov)

Local residents are evacuated from the village on the outskirts of the Lisichansk city, Lugansk Region of south-eastern Ukraine on May 22, 2014 (RIA Novosti / Evgeniy Biyatov)

By nightfall, the gunfight ceased around the city, local activist Sergey told RT by phone, adding that the militias have taken control over all checkpoints that came under fire during the day.

Medics in local hospitals were reporting large numbers of injured coming in during the day, the activist says.

“There are a lot of injured among local population who came under fire on the outskirts of Lisichansk and Severodonetsk. Some are seriously wounded, who will be sent for surgery and treatment to [Lugansk].”

Militias said they captured three BMP-2 armored personnel carriers from Kiev’s troops.

The escalation of violence in the Lugansk Region follows weeks of a focused assault by the Kiev troops on the neighboring Donetsk Region. The confrontation there claimed dozens of lives both among the belligerents and local civilians, but neither side managed to take control over the entire region.

Reports of a possible shooting between different pro-Kiev troops came from the Donetsk Region on Thursday too, where at least 16 Ukrainian troops were killed and over 30 injured in a night attack on a checkpoint. While some accounts said the battle near the town of Volnovakha was a night raid of the militias, there are numerous accounts indicating that it could actually be a case of friendly fire, in which a unit of pro-Kiev militia hired by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky mistakenly attacked a facility manned by the Ukrainian military.

Kiev is trying to crackdown the militias in the defiant eastern Ukraine and is bringing in more troops in anticipation of the presidential election on Sunday.

“According to our data, there’s currently around 6,000 [Kiev troops in the Lugansk Region], and their number has increased in recent days,” Valery Bolotov, the head of the People’s Republic of Lugansk, said.

Lugansk and Donetsk Regions have refused to recognize Kiev’s coup-imposed authorities, and staged referendums on May 11, which garnered landslide support for independence from Kiev, after which the republics announced they will not participate in Ukraine’s presidential elections scheduled for May 25.

Ukraine 2014 und die Wahlfarce: Steinmeier äußert sich im “Spiegel” nicht zur brisanten Rolle des faschistischen Rechten Sektors beim Urnengang vom Sonntag…Auch Merkel positioniert sich nicht. Steinmeier auf Alexanderplatz – kein Wort zum Rechten Sektor… **


“Steinmeier-Appell vor Wahlen: Putin soll Willen der Ukrainer anerkennen

Am Sonntag wählt die Ukraine einen neuen Präsidenten. Russland zweifelt an der Legitimität des Urnengangs. Außenminister Steinmeier warnt Moskau vor voreiligen Schlüssen.”

Die kuriose Spiegel-Darstellung – große Teile der Ostukraine, die sich vorraussichtlich als Folge des Referendums nicht an den Wahlen beteiligen, werden offenbar schon nicht mehr zur Ukraine gerechnet…

Steinmeier auf Alexanderplatz:  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/05/22/ukraine-2014-und-wahlfarce-steinmeier-stellte-bei-umstrittenem-alexanderplatz-wahlauftritt-nicht-klar-das-beruchtigter-faschistischer-rechter-sektor-die-von-der-berliner-regierung-befurworteten-wahl/

Kein Wort zum faschistischen Rechten Sektor:

“…Der deutsche Außenminister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, der sich seit Wochen zusammen mit der Kanzlerin in Gesprächen mit Kiew und Moskau um eine Beilegung des Beinahe-Bürgerkriegs bemüht, mahnt daher mit Blick auf den Kreml, sich vor dem Urnengang nicht voreilig festzulegen. “Viel hängt davon ab, wie die Wahlen in der Ukraine verlaufen. Nur ein Präsident mit klarer demokratischer Legitimität kann eine politische und wirtschaftliche Stabilisierung in allen Teilen des Landes hinbekommen. Das ist im Interesse der Ukraine, aber auch der Nachbarn”, sagte Steinmeier am Freitag SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Unsichere Wahl am Sonntag

Ohne Moskau direkt zu nennen, aber doch mit einem deutlichen Fingerzeig in Richtung der Separatisten und der Führung in Russlandwarnte der SPD-Politiker vor der Störung des Urnengangs: “Alle Versuche, die Wahlen unmöglich zu machen oder vorab zu delegitimieren, müssen deshalb unterbleiben.”

Ähnlich äußerte sich Kanzlerin Angela Merkel: “Was wir alle sehen, ist, dass es der russischen Führung offenbar schwerfällt zu akzeptieren, dass das souveräne Land Ukraine seinen eigenen, selbstbestimmten Weg geht”, sagte die CDU-Chefin der “Saarbrücker Zeitung”. “Unsere Haltung ist, dass die Ukraine frei entscheiden soll und kann, was sie will”, so die Regierungschefin…”

Ukraine 2014 und die Wahlfarce: Neonazis, Faschisten, SS-Verherrlicher des Rechten Sektors als Wahlhelfer am Sonntag – berichtet Ihr Lieblingsmedium ausführlich über den am Donnerstag offiziell in Kiew bekanntgegebenen hochbrisanten Fakt – oder wird er verschwiegen? Reagieren hochrangige deutsche Politiker wie Steinmeier? Warum u.a. Ostukrainer, aber auch Rußland den Wahlen kritisch gegenüberstehen… **



Die offizielle ukrainische Nachrichtenagentur Ukrinform am Donnerstag:

Right Sector will help police during elections

KYIV, May 22 /Ukrinform/. The Right Sector will help the police to ensure order at the elections on May 25.

Right Sector leader, presidential candidate Dmytro Yarosh told a briefing Thursday.

“We will involve our activists in such actions, who are members of the territorial defense battalions, and simply people, who are able to defend the right of the Ukrainian people to vote. And not only in the east, but in the center, and also in Kyiv, our people will help law-enforcement bodies to ensure order,” Yarosh said.

At the same time, he urged residents of Ukraine’s east not to be afraid of Russian saboteurs and militants, to show maximum activity and to vote for a candidate, who is not a representative of the anti-state forces.

“Putsch in Kiew: Welche Rolle spielen die Faschisten?” ARD-Panorama:


“Demonstranten schießen auf dem Maidan auf Polizisten”:  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/02/20/demonstranten-schiesen-auf-dem-maidan-auf-polizisten-tagesschau-2022014-spatnachmittags/

Peter Scholl-Latour: http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/04/29/ukraine-2014-peter-scholl-latour-uber-westliche-verherrlichung-von-nazis-und-antisemiten-der-ukraine/


Ausriß, Nazi des Rechten Sektors gleich mit zwei Wolfsangel-Symbolen(gelbe Armbinde, schwarzes Tuch) Ende März vor dem Parlament in Kiew. Wen deutsche Steuerzahler in der Ukraine finanzieren.


Der Neonazi-Aufmarsch der SS-Verherrlicher 2014 – stands in Ihrem Lieblingsmedium?:  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/04/28/ukraine-2014-der-neonazi-aufmarsch-der-ss-verherrlicher-video-anklicken-kurios-deutsche-medien-deutsche-tv-teams-erneut-nicht-vor-ort-wie-bei-vielen-derartigen-aufmarschen-zuvor/

Merkel-Timoschenko(”Russen abschlachten”):  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/03/27/weiter-warten-auf-merkel-positionierung-zu-ihrer-freundin-timoschenko-bisher-nur-2-satze-armselig-oberflachliche-alibi-kritik-von-regierungssprecher-%E2%80%9Egewaltbilder-gewaltphantasien-liegen-we/

Das Odessa-Massaker und der Rechte Sektor:  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/05/22/right-sector-will-help-police-during-elections-stehts-in-ihrem-lieblingsmedium-ukraine-2014-und-wahlfarce-s/

Steinmeier im “Spiegel” zu den Wahlen vom Sonntag – kurioserweise kein Wort zur Rolle des Rechten Sektors:  http://www.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/steinmeier-warnt-putin-russland-muss-wahl-in-ukraine-anerkennen-a-971127.html

 Efraim Zuroff, Direktor des Simon-Wiesenthal-Zentrums:“Demonstranten von notorisch antisemitischer Gruppierung geführt”. **


Die NPD-Fraktion im Sächsischen Landtag empfing am 29.5.2013 eine Delegation der Svoboda-Partei der Ukraine – 2014 traf Bundesaußenminister Steinmeier(SPD) in Kiew den Svoboda-Parteichef  Oleg Tiagnibok, was Bände spricht. 

Die ungesühnten Toten des unter einem Lügen-Vorwand begonnenen Irakkriegs:



Ausriß, Feier von Rechtsextremisten der Ukraine 2013, in Uniformen der SS Galizien.

Ukraine – Manipulations-und Propagandamethoden – ein kleiner Leitfaden:  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2014/05/05/ukraine-2014-die-manipulations-und-propagandamethoden-deutscher-medien-und-westlicher-politiker-deutsche-medienkonsumenten-weisen-auf-gangige-methoden-der-letzten-monate/

Die Unterstützung nazistisch-antisemitischer Kräfte durch hochrangige mitteleuropäische Politiker hat lange Tradition – die Beziehungen von Willy Brandt und Helmut Schmidt – offizielle Symbole des Anschlusses von 1990 –  zur nazistisch-antisemitisch orientierten Folterdiktatur Brasiliens. Ähnliche systematische Mediensteuerung wie derzeit im Fall der Ukraine-Krise – deutsche Medien verschweigen fast durchweg die wichtige Rolle hochrangiger Bonner Politiker beim Unterstützen, politischen Aufwerten der nazistisch-antisemitisch orientierten Folterdiktatur Brasiliens.

Willy Brandt und die Folterdiktatur Brasiliens: 


“Du hättest alle Juden töten sollen”:  http://www.hart-brasilientexte.de/2012/03/21/brasiliens-nazistisch-antisemitische-militardiktatur-hohe-militars-zu-herbert-cukurs-massenmorder-von-rigadu-hast-einen-einzigen-fehler-begangen-du-hattest-alle-juden-toten-sollen-hintergrun/

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