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„Operation Geronimo“ – Frei Betto, Brasiliens wichtigster Befreiungstheologe.



Frei Betto*

Why was the military action which supposedly killed Bin Laden named Operation Geronimo?  In 1918 Prescott Bush was a member of a student society known as Skull and Bones. Challenged by his colleagues, he entered an Apache cemetery and made off with the scalp of the legendary Chief Geronimo.


Prescott owned land in Texas and became a successful businessman in the oil industry. He also became a close friend of John Foster Dulles who was later the head of the CIA when John Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Dulles convinced his friend to  magnanimously return Geronimo’s scalp to the Apaches. Bush did so but it was not long before the Apaches discovered that the relic which was returned was a fake…

The friendship with Dulles guaranteed employment as a CIA agent to Prescott’s eldest son, George H. Bush. George did well and in 1961 he coordinated the invasion of the Bay of Pigs in Cuba, an attempt to bring down the regime implanted by the Sierra Maestra guerrilla movement. In spite of the defeat, he became the director of the CIA in 1976.

Not happy with his first born’s achievements as 007, Prescott Bush found consolation in the success of his oil business. He lauded his son George’s business sense when in mid 1960 he befriended an Arab contractor who frequently visited Texas: Muhammad Bin Laden. In 1968, while flying over Bush oil fields in Texas, Bin Laden died in an airplane crash. The family ties, however, had been established.

George Bush did not mourn the death of his friend. He was more concerned about his son George W. Bush’s low achievement at school and his C grades. The war in Vietnam heightened and George had him enlisted in the National Guard air force so that he would not be called up.

Daddy Bush encouraged his son to start his own oil company, Arbusto (which means bush in English) Energy in the mid 1970s. Thanks to his father’s international CIA contacts, George son sought investments from Khaled Bin Mafouz and Salem Bin Laden who was the eldest of the late Muhammad’s 52 sons. Mafouz was the Saudi royal family’s banker and was married to one of Salem’s sisters. These family ties permitted Mafouz to become president of Blessed Relief, an Arab NGO where one of Salem’s brothers, Osama Bin Laden, was employed.

In December 1979 George H. Bush went to Paris for a meeting between Republicans and moderate partners of Khomeini, to discuss the freeing of 64 American Embassy hostages kidnapped in Teheran in November. They were trying to avoid President Jimmy Carter taking advantage of the episode and damaging Ronald Reagan’s presidential hopes. Daddy George travelled to the French capital aboard Salem Bin Laden’s jet which facilitated his contact with the Islamic world. (In 1988 Salem died, like his father, in an air crash).

That year the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. Daddy George, who coordinated CIA operations, appealed to Osama, one of Salem’s brothers, who agreed to infiltrate into Afghanistan in order to strengthen the Afghan resistance against communist invaders, monitored by the CIA.

The above data is taken from Italian analyst Francesco Piccioni. More details are found in A Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the making of an American President, a book by Steve Hatfield.

In 1979, at the request of George Bush Sr. who was then Director of the CIA, Osama, 23 years of age, moved to Afghanistan to administer the financial resources destined for the agency’s secret operations against the Soviet invasion in that country. Worried about the Moscow offensive, the US government had conceded the highest sum received by the CIA in all its history for actions in a sole country: US$2 billion.

When President George W. Bush, after 9/11, termed crimes linked to terrorism “illicit exploitation of privileged information”, he knew what he was talking about. It would seem that thanks to this information Osama Bin Laden set up a world wide terrorist network, moving funds using off shore accounts.

Perhaps Freud can explain an aspect of the weapons chosen by the 9/11 terrorists: aircraft. Osama Bin Laden’s father and older brother died in air crashes, both in the USA.

If Geronimo’s scalp was a fake, who can guarantee that Bin Laden was really killed in his Pakistani mansion? Would it not be more useful for the struggle against terrorism to capture him alive and oblige him to reveal everything regarding Al-Qaeda? I have no doubt that Bin Laden is being tortured on some American aircraft carrier so that he will tell what he knows. After that, all that’s necessary will be the “Argentine solution” – throwing his body into the sea. If they find him floating on some beach, fishes’ sharp teeth can be blamed for the deep wounds.

*Frei Betto is a writer, author of “Calendário do Poder” (Calendar of Power) (Rocco) www.freibetto.org –  twitter :@freibetto



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